How You Can Help

1) Prayer: We are grateful for your prayers for us as we navigate the adoption process and prepare our hearts and home for the gift of a child. We also ask for prayers for our future child and his/her birthparents, who will make a noble, generous but very difficult decision to entrust their child to us, to be his/her parents. For those of you who ask the saints' intercession, we have special devotions to St. Anne (Mary's mother) and St. John Paul II.


2) Financial Support: As you may be aware, adoption is an expensive process. We anticipate spending at least $34,180 (please see the Adoption Costs page for a comprehensive breakdown of costs). We would be very grateful to those of you willing and able to donate towards our adoption fees. There are two ways to donate:

A.) Click “donate” on the right side of this website to send funds securely through PayPal (you can use a credit card). [Note: There is a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per donation for us.] 

B.) Mail a check to us at our home address. (Contact us for the address if you don't have it.) 

All who pray for us or donate will be remembered in a unique way: we will add your name to a quilt that Bethany is making for our child! In this way, you will be remembered permanently in our child's life and you will have an opportunity to let our child know how loved he or she was before we even knew him or her.

When you donate, please note how you would like your name(s) listed on the quilt. Online: when you review your donation, add your name(s) to the "add special instructions for the recipient box." Mailing check: include a note. Or if you are not able to donate but would like to pray for us, please let us know and we'll gladly add your name(s) to the quilt as well. 

At Lake Erie, in Dan's hometown

3) Share Our Cause: Even if you are not able to donate, we would be grateful if you shared our situation with others, perhaps by sharing our adoption blog (the one you're reading right now) via word of mouth, email, Facebook, etc. There may be people in your networks who have adopted or who are interested in supporting a family trying to adopt; we need all the support possible!