Monday, April 3, 2017

Prayer List & Goals for our time in California

On the eve of our trip, in case you would like to pray very specifically for some intentions:

1. For baby and her health and safe delivery on Thursday morning
2. For baby's mom, her health, peace, wisdom, clarity, good health, speedy recovery from c-section, and everything else she needs at this time
3. For baby's father, extended family, and everyone who cares for them: for peace and good health and that they can be a support to baby's parents no matter what happens
4. For our safe flights, particularly that predicted thunderstorms tomorrow morning do not materialize or affect our flights, and that none of our luggage is lost
5. For all the doctors and nurses giving care to mom and baby, for wisdom, kindness, gentleness, and respect for the adoption situation
6. For our lawyer, his staff, our home agency social workers, and all the adoption professionals involved in this situation, for wisdom and kindness, and in gratitude for the help they've offered us all so far
7. (Not adoption related, but on our hearts) For the peaceful repose of Grandpa Meola & Louise, and for comfort for those who miss them
8. If the adoption proceeds - that we can give this little one all the care, presence, love, closeness, and everything else that she needs in the first few weeks of her life
9. If the adoption does not proceed - that even in our disappointment we can pray for the baby and her parents, and accept wholeheartedly that this was not meant to be our child
10. That we would stay in good health and stay close to each other throughout our trip
11. That we would decide on the perfect name for this baby!! :)

And some of our goals for the next few weeks (also prayers that we can do this!):

1. Pray intently for the baby, her birthparents, and all involved in their lives and the adoption.
2. In whatever way we can, show love to the baby's mother, father and anyone else from their family we get to meet.
3. Receive every moment as a gift.
4. Entrust the outcome of the adoption to the Lord, trusting in His perfect, providential plan for this daughter of God.
5. "Roll with the punches" and be open to the unexpected - "semper Gumby" (always be flexible)
6. Open our hearts to everything we will experience the next few weeks, no matter how difficult, unexpected, demanding, and so on


  1. Beautiful intentions and goals! Please know that you continue to be in our prayers!

  2. Prayers for all of you and condoleance fir the loss of Louise and grandpa Meola. I am sure they are also interceding from you in Heaven.

  3. Beautiful! I'm so excited for you! Praying!

  4. Yes I will be praying for your intentions! Ahhh so excited for y'all! A piece of advice another adoptive mama gave me was to have "shoulders of rubber" meaning let things bounce off your back and just breathe. My goal is to try and see y'all while you are here in CA ;)

  5. Write down everything you can, take pictures and like you said cherish every moment. A year and a half from our match, even those stressful moments of being stuck in Mexico City for 5 weeks are now sort of funny and make for some good stories. We made a professional picture book of our 1st year as a family from the day we started the adoption process and it is a book our daughter loves to look at and hear all the crazy adventures.


  6. Wishing you the best and will keep you in prayer this week.

  7. Praying all went well with the C-section on Thursday and continues to go well with the adoption. And lots of prayers for your specific intentions. God bless.