Adoption Timeline #3

 Our journey to welcome another child to our family, God-willing!

Starting the Process + Home Study: July 2023 - January 2024

July 9, 2023: We submit our application to the Barker Adoption Foundation to adopt again

July 24, 2023: We have our intake meeting (virtually) with Barker, where we go over all the home study forms and what is new for us this time. A main difference is everything is done and submitted electronically, with the exception of some background clearances. A highlight of this meeting was talking with Sami, who was the social worker who first called us about Grace!

July 24, 2023 - November 25, 2024 - working on the many, many pieces of the home study........

  • 1st update, September 7 - progress on paperwork
  • 2nd update, October 15 - more progress on paperwork....
  • 3rd update: November 25 - Finished with paperwork and starting social worker visits
    • Visit 1: November 27 - both us of us together
    • Visit 2: December 4 - individual interviews
    • Visit 3: December 12 - our kids present too (and then our social worker also met with our in-person reference)
  • Our social worker now writes up our actual home study report, it's reviewed by two other people at the agency, and sent to us for review and approval
January 9, 2024 - home study approved!!

Waiting period: January 2024 - ???

Now that we're officially approved, we could adopt at any point! More realistically, we'll be waiting for a while. We'll be signing up with an additional agency (per our home agency's recommendation) to expand our possibilities. As part of this process, we'll update our profile book to be ready for prospective birthparents to consider us as a family for their child.

Most of all, we'll be praying hard for God's will to be done, for our family to grow if that is His will, for all expectant parents we encounter throughout this process, and for our hearts to expand to welcome a new precious child of God into our family.

Please pray for us!

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