Saturday, June 13, 2015

Welcome: We're Adopting!

We're adopting! How awesome is that?! We are really, really excited to be a mother and father.

We are excited you came by to meet us here in our cyber hang out, known by the term 'blog!'

Here on our website you will find all sorts of neat things about us and our adoption journey. This could be anything from our feelings in the moment, to updates about our progress with the adoption process or fundraising, posts about the spiritual sides of adoption and adoption in general, or fun pieces.

We hope this blog will be a place to share the joy of life as we embark on this incredible pilgrimage to fatherhood and motherhood. We have been desiring to be parents ever since we got married. We cannot wait! We are already preparing our home and our hearts every day, keeping this whole process in prayer. Could you pray for us too? Thanks! And we will see each other soon in the cyber space world on this blog! Please check back frequently to stay updated.

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  1. I was offering up some weird pregnancy symptoms for your intentions two nights ago!