Monday, December 21, 2015

Fundraising and Savings Update #5 Plus a Goal Change

We have good news and bad news vis-a-vis fundraising / savings. The good news is that we have now raised $11,947.67  and saved $9,640.62 (having two jobs really helps) for a grand total of $21,588.29. Thank you! We are definitely on pace to meet our original goal of $24,180.

The bad news is that we have to adjust our original goal to a higher amount. Right before we submitted our application to our placement agency (St. Joseph's), we learned through conversation with the director that we really should be anticipating around $35,000 total for all the adoption costs, given the latest trends in birthparent expenses and fees paid to the adoption professionals in whatever state the child is born. (Our agency networks with a number of agencies in different states.) We decided we were going to still go with this placement agency because even with these additional fees it is still comparable nationally to other agencies. Hence, our goal has risen from $24,180 to $34,180 (see our adoption costs page here).

This is discouraging, but we know the Lord will provide as He has done in the past through your donations, our jobs, etc. This is just another test of how much we trust the Lord and another sacrifice to enlarge our hearts with love for our child. We also are going to apply for adoption grants in the new year and work our tails off at saving through being extra frugal.

So we pray with confident hope that God will help make this dream of motherhood, fatherhood, and above all a loving home for a child in desperate need come true. This is our prayer, our miracle we pray for this Christmas season. If you think of it, then please remember us in your prayers.


  1. Adoption is so expensive. Even though the wait was long it did allow us to keep saving for the costs. Prayers as you continue on this journey of faith and trust. As we now have our sweet little one I can say it was all worth it. ...both the money and the wait.