Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our Daily Waiting Prayer

We are not gonna lie - infertility and this whole adoption process has been extremely difficult lately filled with ups and downs, sadness and joy, doubt and hope, and anxiety and peace. We have always believed that when one feels down, sadness, doubt, and/or anxiety that it is a summons to prayer. This prayer doesn't take away all of the difficulty, but it helps a lot. So we are going to start praying the following prayer (slightly edited by us) that was shared by another married couple who struggled with infertility and adopted a child. Isn't it beautiful? The lines really touched us when we read it. It is written in the style of Charles de Foucald's famous Abandonment Prayer (which we highly encourage you to look up too no matter what your situation is in life).

A Waiting Prayer

We abandon ourselves into your hands to send a child or not as you see fit.
You, by whom the Word was made flesh, send us a miracle if this is what you desire,
Or lead us to a miraculous child through adoption if that be your will.
We do not ask for guarantees, no parent can,
Only light enough for the very next step.
We do not ask for a perfect child, nor can we promise to be perfect parents.
Whatever you choose for us, whatever you desire, we abandon ourselves to your perfect will.
We are ready to offer our daily “yes” until that perfect will be revealed in us;
And until at last perfected, we will bear witness to the work of redemption you began in Eden.
We love you, Lord, and offer ourselves to you, wholly and without reservation.
We surrender ourselves, moment by moment, knowing that this is only the first small step of a Lifetime of surrender so that we may be made more perfect in love...
And that we may imitate, on earth as in heaven, the redemptive love, the adoptive love, and the Selfless Love with which you first loved us.

Written by: Heidi Hess Saxton; slightly edited by us


  1. I second that first sentence! If you want to be parents you really have to fight for it! Fight through paper work, rejected paperwork, government, emotions, treatments etc.! Even after custody through the adoption process there is still a certain amount of government work to finish... for us we will spend the next 3 years working on this adoption for both countries! Hang in there, you are not alone! We are cheering you on!

  2. So love this prayer. This is such a long hard journey.