Thursday, March 9, 2017

Novena to St. Joseph for our adoption

St. Joseph's feast day is coming up - March 19.* St. Joseph is an amazing intercessor for adoptive families, being the foster father of Jesus. (There are good reasons we could call him Jesus' adoptive father too, but that would take another post!)

We're going to be praying this novena to St. Joseph provided by the USCCB Respect Life office. It's really beautiful!! There are prayers each day for the different people involved in any adoption. We are going to be praying for the people involved in our adoption. If you'd like to join us, here is the link (opens a PDF):

St. Joseph, pray for us!!

*this year it's technically March 20 because March 19 is a Sunday...but close enough!


  1. Joining you in praying the novena.

    1. Thank you, PaxEtBonum! That means a lot. And sorry for the delay in publishing your comment!