Sunday, March 31, 2019

While We Wait, Round 2: March 2019 (Month #2)

Adoption News: Nothing to report this month either. But it's still early, only month 2! Lent has given us lots of opportunities to draw close to God and ask for His will in sending another child to our family.

In Other News:

Zelie started gymnastics! She loves to jump, climb, and spin, so we thought we'd try out a gymnastics class for toddlers (18 mo-3 years). It's a weekly class for six weeks, forty-five minutes long. And it's quite a workout! Zelie's coach leads the class through basically an obstacle course: climbing over things, jumping down a trampoline, walking a balance beam (!), etc. Zelie is tired out after the class, so that's saying something!

National pancake day! Three free pancakes at IHOP - can't go wrong with that!

Yard improvement: with the Spring warmer weather, we got our garden ready for the Spring, made a Mary grotto, AND Dan and some friends built Zelie a new swingset! (The old one was here when we moved in, and was falling down.)

Finally - we enjoyed the most beautiful time of the year in DC, cherry blossom season. Two of the best places in Spring: the National Arboretum and downtown on the National Mall. 

Until next month!

- Dan, Bethany and Zelie

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